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Custom Dress Orthoses

Orthoses for Your Dress Shoes

ProLab designed a line of functional devices specifically for dress shoes. The custom orthoses are generally narrower devices with a shallow heel cup to fit easily in dress shoes.


cobraThe Cobra is a low profile orthosis designed for heeled women's shoes. Made from durable polypropylene with an extended EVA arch fill, the Cobra is functionally-corrected and then sculptured into a cobra-pad design. This flexible shape allows the device to fit in high-heeled shoes and provide gentle midtarsal joint control and metatarsal head cushioning. A nylene topcover helps minimize movement of the orthosis in the shoe and provides cushioning.


Graphite Dress

Graphite DressGraphite Dress orthoses are made with a narrower profile than the standard Graphite Functional device, but still maintains functional corrections. The Graphite Dress provides greater control and surface contact with the foot than the Cobra and fits into women's stylish shoes with a heel up to 1.5 inches.



The Holethotic, our most popular dress shoe orthosis, is a polypropylene device designed to control midtarsal joint motion. This is especially important for the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. The Holethotic is ideal for patients who wear low-to-moderate-heeled dress shoes (lower than 1.25 inches), including loafers. The Holethotic incorporates a hole-type post in the heel of the orthoses, allowing the foot to sit low while preventing "walk out" during propulsion.


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