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P3 Functional Prefabricated Orthotics

The Future of Prefabricated Orthotics is Here

P3 AdultProLab offers a unique line of prefabricated orthoses to meet the growing demand of the forward-thinking practitioner. ProLab's reputation and standards for making the best custom orthoses have been extended to our prefabs. We’ve incorporated the advanced technology and evidence-based research used in our custom products to develop a line of  prefabricated products that raises the bar for excellence. The quality, corrections, design, and performance of P3 prefabs are unsurpassed in the industry. The future of prefabricated orthotics is here!

Learn more about our unique prefabricated orthoses:

P3 Adult Prefabs
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Quick Guide to P3 Prefabs (Chart)
P3 Functional Kiddythotics and Sizing Instructions
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Accommodative Diabetic Prefabs

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