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Kiddythotics Sizer Set

Easy Sizing Instructions


It's easy to determine the appropriate size of Kiddythotics for your patients when you use our convenient Kiddythotics sizer set. The sizer set includes one Kiddythotic in each size (A-G). Follow these instructions to ensure proper sizing.

  1. Estimate the correct orthotic size and hold the Kiddythotic to the fully dorsiflexed foot. The distal medial edge of the Kiddythotic should be just behind the first metatarsal head.
  2. Have the child stand on the Kiddythotic to confirm the position of the distal edge. Use the next larger size if the foot elongates in stance.
  3. Place the Kiddythotic in the child's shoe and ensure that it sits all the way back in the shoe heel counter and sits flat in the shoe. 
 If you do not have a Kiddythotics sizer set in your office, contact our Client Services Representatives.

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Color-Coded Sizes

P3 Kiddythotics come in 7 color-coded sizes (smallest to largest)




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