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Custom Graphite Orthoses

High Performance with a Low Profile

Pathology Specific Orthoses
ProLab's graphite is an extremely thin and lightweight material that is rigid and flexible in all the right places. It is designed with variable rigidity within the shell for localized strength in high-force areas. The graphite is so versatile that you can safely grind or heat the orthoses for quick and convenient in-office adjustments.

Provide your patients with low profile, 100% custom orthoses with minimum bulk and maximum performance. Our graphite orthoses fit easily into dress shoes and low-volume footwear (e.g. cycling, soccer, skating and skiing).

Graphite Functional

Graphite Functional orthoses are ideal for low volume footwear used for cycling, soccer, skating and skiing as well as dress shoes. ProLab graphite is thinner and stronger, enabling fabrication of low profile orthoses. For a custom fit, at no extra charge, our consultants recommend sending the shoes with the order.

Graphite Dress

Graphite Dress orthoses are made with a narrower profile than the standard Graphite Functional device, but still maintains functional corrections. The Graphite Dress provides greater control and surface contact with the foot than the Cobra and fits into women's stylish shoes with a heel up to 1.5 inches.


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