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Diabetic Accommodative Orthoses

Custom Orthotics for Patients with Diabetes

Our diabetic accommodative orthotics have been designed to provide better support and protection for your patients. The custom insoles are made of milled EVA and available in either medium or firm (default) densities. It includes a triple layer topcover (leather, P-cell and Poron) for additional comfort and protection.

Default Specifications:

  • Full-length milled firm EVA shell
  • 14mm heel cup
  • Wide width
  • Triple layer topcover (leather, P-cell and Poron) to toes

ProLab’s custom diabetic accommodative orthoses fulfill the requirements for a custom insole as defined in the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill. Custom insoles work well in extra depth shoes for the neuropathic patient.

Easily incorporate friction reduction by adding a PTFE Patch to locations of bony prominences, ulcers or calluses.

Note: Requires foam box casting


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