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Custom Gauntlet Stabilizer AFO

The Ultimate Nonsurgical Stabilization


The ProLab Stabilizer AFO is unparalleled in form and function. This premium leather and polypropylene custom device provides the ultimate nonsurgical stabilization for the rearfoot and ankle in all three planes. The Stabilizer AFO includes multiple prescription options to meet the specific needs of your patient, including:

  • 3 polypropylene shell types to accommodate different diagnoses
  • 3 AFO heights
  • 6 closure options to optimize support and to facilitate fastening and removal

Patients appreciate the high-quality craftsmanship that includes extra features to promote patient compliance, including:

  • Padded collar and tongue to enhance comfort and fit
  • Fully-lined interior with comfortable Poron cushioning
  • Multiple closure options to facilitate fastening and removal

Patients with one of the following diagnoses may benefit from ProLab's Stabilizer AFO:

Casting for the Stabilizer AFO 

Need more information? Clients can download our comprehensive Stabilizer AFO Tutorial Kit or contact our Medical Consultants, online or by phone, for additional clinical or prescription guidance.


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