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Custom Functional AFO

Superior Performance with Improved Comfort and Shoe Fit

The ProLab Functional AFO has been redesigned to improve comfort and shoe fit. Our new custom features include:

  • Streamline design for better shoe fit
  • Lighter, thinner, high-performance polypropylene shell for improved comfort and compliance
  • Classic 3-strap system for improved control
  • Easy in-office conversion from fixed hinge to flexible hinge AFO
The Functional AFO provides the benefits of two treatment modalities in one device. The custom-balanced foot orthosis combined with semirigid uprights is the only modality that simultaneously controls the ankle joint, subtalar joint, and midtarsal joint. The three hinge options provide the following ankle motion control:
  • Flexible hinge (full sagittal plane motion)
  • Fixed hinge (no sagittal plane motion)
  • Dorsiflexion Assist (for drop foot)

The ProLab Functional AFO provides symptom control for:

Casting Video

Watch this short instructional video to learn how to cast patients using a nonweightbearing, neutral suspension casting technique with a STS mid-leg sock. Plaster casts are also accepted.

Need more information? Clients may download our comprehensive AFO Tutorial Kit  or contact our Medical Consultants, online or by phone, for additional prescription guidance. Note: New cast is required for every order, including reorders. Rush orders are not available due to the complexities of pathologies treated with AFOs.


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