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Recent Advances in Orthotic Therapy

Practical Guide to Pathology-Specific Orthotic Therapy

Dr. Paul Scherer's luminary text is designed to help guide orthotic prescribing in an easy to understand format. Using a pathology-based approach, he incorporates the latest scientific research to support the use of custom foot orthoses for different pathologies. Click here to order.

"...[Scherer] has produced what will almost certainly become a mainstay treatment guide for mechanically induced pathologies affecting the lower extremity." 
                                                                       Doug Richie Jr., DPM

What's Inside? 

The text is an invaluable resource designed for any practitioner who wants to update their knowledge on the recent literature concerning orthotic therapy. Each chapter includes a recommended orthotic prescription for functional orthoses to treat the particular pathology.

The Chapters 

  • Prescription Writing for Pathology-Specific Foot Orthoses
  • Adult-Acquired Flatfoot Pathologies
  • Mechanically Induced Plantar Fasciitis and Subcalcaneal Pain
  • Functional Hallux Limitus and Hallux Valgus
  • Pediatric Flexible Flatfoot and Functional Orthoses
  • Pes Cavus and Orthotic Therapy
  • Metatarsalgia: Decision Making for Orthotic Intervention
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: Mechanical Origins and Orthotic Treatment  
  • Knee Pain and Functional Orthoses
  • Prefabricated Functional Foot Orthoses: Validity and Efficacy

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"A well documented and practical textbook that foot specialists can use as an everyday guide for the practical biomechanical care of common lower extremity pathologies."
                                                                      Richard Stess, DPM


Watch an interview with Dr. Scherer about his book, Recent Advances in Orthotic Therapy.


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