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ProLab Casting Standards

Quality Orthoses Begin with Quality Casts

Negative cast quality is a key factor in determining the effectiveness of orthoses in your clinical outcomes. Functional and accommodative orthoses require different casting techniques. ProLab’s standards for casting are supported by the literature and are part of our evidence-based approach to orthotic therapy. We recommend the following casting techniques to achieve the best outcomes.

"Since we worked together on casting techniques, I think I have had a much better result with the orthotics."
                                                                                    Scarlett Kroencke, DPM

Functional Orthotic Casting Standard

Accommodative Orthotic Casting Standard

  • Use a semiweightbearing casting technique
  • We accept plaster casts, STS socks, foam boxes or digital scans

Functional AFO Casting Standard

Gauntlet AFO Casting Standard

Guidelines for Recasting

Explore this entire section for additional casting instructions, videos, and tips for producing quality casts.


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