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General FAQs


What makes ProLab a quality orthotic lab?

ProLab’s exceptional quality standards are reflected in everything we do, including our products and services. Our custom and prefabricated orthoses are designed using evidence-based research, advanced technology, and quality materials. Our Medical Consultants are available for consultations with clients to ensure effective prescription-writing and to trouble shoot challenges. ProLab supports education with unrestricted educational grants at scientific conferences. We are committed to providing the best products, services, and educational opportunities for practitioners.


Who are your Medical Consultants?

ProLab Medical Consultants are nationally recognized experts in orthotic therapy. Our consultants are:


Are all of the Medical Consultants available every day?

Each business day one of our medical consultants is available for our clients via telephone or through our online Consultation Request.  


Can I request a rush on an order?

Yes. Indicate RUSH 1-day or RUSH 3-day in the Special Instructions section at the bottom of the Rx.

Note: Additional charges will apply for the RUSH option and expedited shipping.

If you already submitted an order and need to change it to a RUSH, you can do one of the following:

  • Complete the online Order Information Form
  • Fax the request (include Account # and patient name) to (707) 257-4420
  • Call ProLab Client Services at (800) 477-6522


What is a 1-day rush?

We will make the order and ship it one business day after it arrives at the lab.

Note: Rush orders are shipped via overnight service. Incomplete prescription information may cause a delay.


What is a 3-day rush?

We will make the order and ship it three business days after it arrives at the lab.

Note: Rush orders are shipped via overnight service. Incomplete prescription information may cause a delay.


 What is FedEx Overnight shipping and when is it used?

FedEx Overnight is an expedited shipping service.  Packages are delived the next business day.  Rush orders are shipped via standard FedEx Overnight service unless otherwise specified. 


 What does FedEx 2Day shipping service mean?

FedEx 2Day shipping is the default service used for shipping.  Packages are delivered on the second business day. 


When is FedEx Ground shipping used?

FedEx Ground is economy shipping service and will be used when requested by the client. Contact Client Services to switch your shipping method from standard FedEx 2Day to FedEx Ground.  FedEx Ground delivery timeframe is not guaranteed. 



Can you ship directly to the patient?

Yes, we do offer the option of shipping directly to the patient. Please check the ‘Ship to Patient’ box on the bottom of the prescription form, and provide the patient’s physical address. A small fee in addition to the shipping cost will be applied.


What is an adjustment?

An adjustment is a minor alteration for fit within 90 days. Examples of minor adjustments include grinding the post to fit a shoe, narrowing the distal end, or lowering the arch height slightly. Refer to our Policy Guide for details.


 What is a refurbishment?

An orthosis sent in for a refurbishment is restored as closely as possible to its original condition. Generally, this involves replacing all of the worn soft materials (topcovers and extensions). If the device has an EVA post, you can request that the rearfoot post be replaced also.




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