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May 19

Written by: Larry Huppin, DPM
5/19/2014 3:34 PM

 I just spoke to a ProLab client who has a patient with large fibromas and he wants to be able to accommodate for those. We were trying to decide whether he would have us add the accommodation at the lab or whether he would make the accommodation himself. He does have a full lab at his office and it is easy for him to do his own accommodations.

This patient had two large plantar fibromas. We decided that the lab would add a sweet spot for each fibroma but we would make the device out of a thin polypropylene and then add an EVA fill under the arch for rigidity. The advantage of this is that it will allow him to grind the sweet spot deeper if necessary and he can even grind all the way through the polypropylene into the EVA.

In order to give him access to do this modification if necessary, we decided he would prescribe the cover as a “glue heal only.”

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