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Jul 13

Written by: Larry Huppin, DPM
7/13/2009 5:00 PM

Last week I wrote about the importance of all orthotic practitioners having a grinder in their office in order to adjust orthoses.

I found the post below on a forum about heel pain.  It's a great example of what patients think when you can't adjust orthotics yourself.   Orthotic adjustments will likely be a recurring theme in this blog - if you are not able to adjust your own orthoses, you severely limit your abiliy to have a successful orthotic practice.  

Hello everyone,
I'm checking back in after receiving great advice from you all two weeks ago. Quick update, because my custom orthotics($400 kind) were still extremely uncomfortable after 4 weeks ...... I still feel like I have two golf balls shoved up under my arches. I also made an appointment with the podiatrist who made the mold. Appointment is next Monday. If there are any adjustments that need to be made, the nurse said they will need to be shipped back to the lab where the orthotics were made, the podiatrist is not going to make them. YIKES! I am already perpetually in a state of 'waiting' for relief. The turnaround will be at least two weeks.   My question is....can I bring my orthotics to a local pedorthist and have modifications made or do they only work on their own fabrications. I am feeling a little panicky because I am a teacher and I am hoping to get this pf under control before school starts (beginning of August)   The idea of sending off my orthotic doesn't sound like a quick procedure.


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