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Jul 6

Written by: Larry Huppin, DPM
7/6/2009 7:10 AM

A simple, but unique, ProLab innovation is the choice of  having your orthotic topcovers "glued posterior only" and "glued heel only". 

Leaving the anterior half of an orthotic cover unglued allows easy and quick adjustments to the front of the orthosis. This will allow you to easily add a metatarsal pad, bevel the edge or make other modifications to the front half of the orthosis – with no risk of tearing the cover. Many of our clients prescribe "Glue Posterior Only" on all orthoses that they order with a topcover. You can request "glue posterior only" on our Pathology Specific Orthoses .

Once you are sure that the orthosis is comfortable and is functioning properly you can glue it down in your office. This simple modifcation will save you money and time. 


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