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Dec 15

Written by: Larry Huppin, DPM
12/15/2011 9:47 AM

The November issue of Lower Extremity Review has an article on Evidence-Based Orthotic Management of PTTD. We are recommending this article to all ProLab clients.

The article states that, in general, studies support the use of orthotic devices for patients with PTTD, especially in the early stages. Orthoses appear to improve foot and ankle alignment, clinical symptoms, and functional outcomes in PTTD patients with success rates up to 90%.

Studies that measured deformity found that most patients (83% to 85%) had no progression during the course of their treatment with the orthotic devices. After an initial regimen of orthotic treatment, up to 89% of patients in some studies eventually used a more minimal orthosis or even discontinued use of their orthosis due to symptom resolution. Additionally, pairing orthosis use with appropriate physical therapy in early stages of PTTD may improve outcomes and TP muscle strength.

You can read the article here. We recommend reading this before seeing your next PTTD patient.

ProLab takes a scientific approach with our orthoses by integrating evidence-based medicine into orthotic therapy. Our team of Medical Consultants regularly evaluates the medical literature pertaining to orthotic therapy and biomechanics. ProLab clients are encouraged to contact a medical consultant whenever they have questions about an orthotic prescription.

For an easy way to stay up-to-date on evidence-based orthotic therapy, subscribe to our free E-Journal. Your will receive a monthly email synopsis of the research that impacts your practice.


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