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Mar 30

Written by: Cherri Choate, DPM

Here are some basic tips on sizing the Prolab Kiddythotics:
   1)  Kiddythotics come in 7 sizes (A-G)
   2)  Each Kiddythotic size has a designated color and only that size comes in that color (i.e. A= Purple, B= Yellow, etc...)
   3)  Kiddythotics are best sized by using a sizer set. Stand the child on an orthotic to get the correct weight-bearing size of the child's foot.
   4)  Kiddythotic Sizer Set comes with all 7 sizes
   5)  Kiddythotics are prefabricated devices so no modifications are necessary
Keep these tips in mind each time you consider fitting a pediatric patient for Kiddythotics.


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