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Nov 10

Written by: Cherri Choate, DPM

As I watched the last seven months of baseball, I often contemplated possible issues with the feet of the Giants.  Just as a psychologist can not help themselves from assessing individual's minds, I can not help assessing the feet of those I am watching, especially when I'm so invested in the results.   I'm not really talking about injuries, as the Giants have a very well trained sports medicine team to look after them.  My contemplations are a bit more nebulous.  I would like to share my thoughts, silly and serious, and I welcome your responses:
   1)  If a sponsor pays for a certain shoe for the team, what happens when it is not the right shoe for a specific set of feet?
   2)  Are the players evaluated for functional hallux limitus and given recommendations on orthotics/shoe modifications that will improve their 1st ray function, and thus their propulsion?
   3)  If a player has lateral ankle instability, how are they protected during the game?  Brace?  Taping?
   4)  If a player has high arched or low arched feet, what modifications are made so they can tolerate standing on the field for long hours?
   5)  Are players ever discouraged from certain positions (infield/pitcher/outfield) due to their foot type and function?
   6)  Which topcover functions best during normal baseball conditions?  Do the players have different versions of orthotics based  on surface, cleat type and weather?
   7)  Is the type and style of a slide ever discussed based on foot/ankle function?
   8)  How often do foot/ankle injuries sideline players vs. higher level injuries such as hamstring/quad?
   9)  How often do the players with low back issues also have foot issues?
  10) Is there a foot type that is predominant in professional baseball players?

I rarely make personal comments during this blog, but I can not contain my elation over this post-season filled with great baseball, and I owe it all to my husband's lifetime commitment to the SF Giants.  



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