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Oct 13

Written by: Cherri Choate, DPM

Are straight last shoes still used for mild soft tissue deformities in children?  Are students taught about them during their educational process?  The reason I ask, is that a few months ago I had an experience which left me wondering.

I was in a children's shoe store, shopping for my niece.  Just out of curiosity, I asked the saleswoman about straight last shoes.  She couldn't understand what I was talking about so she got her manager.  Her manager told me that no one uses those anymore.  He said that was an old-fashioned treatment, and any one who recommends them is behind the times.  He said that most of the athletic shoes for children are build with a straight last and they will work the same.  He even said that the company that originally made the straight last shoes, stopped making them.

So what's your experience?  Are they still used routinely?  If not, what is the improved option?  If so, where are they available for the practitioner, and the patient to access?  

I will be interested in the responses...


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