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Jul 22

Written by: Larry Huppin, DPM
7/22/2010 1:49 PM

Aetrex has a new line of sandals called "Sandalistas". These are attractive and stable sandals with a removable insole. This insole is the perfect size to allow the shoe to accept a custom orthosis. I usually use the following prescription for an orthosis to fit in the Sandalistas.

  • Direct milled poly semi rigid
  • Standard heel cup
  • Standard width
  • Soft EVA black cover to toes
  • Firm EVA forefoot extension to toes
This Rx works well with most of the Sandalistas. If you send the sandal along with the prescription form, we can ensure proper fit.

In addition, the ProLab P3 Posted prefab works great in the Sandalistas. I usually use the Sport cover.

ProLab can also make orthoses for most other brands of sandals as long as they have removable insoles and you send the sandal to us to ensure proper fit. 

These are the perfect women's casual sandal for your custom and prefabricated orthosis wearing patients.   My pateints love them and love the way their orthoses fit in them.  


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