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Jun 21

Written by: Larry Huppin, DPM
6/21/2010 12:36 PM

Orthoses for dress shoes can be great. Personally, I prescribe many graphite orthoses with a shallow heel cup, normal width, and vinyl cover to the sulcus for these shoes. This device works wonderfully in many women’s and men’s dress shoes.

I tell every patient, however, that I make NO guarantee that the orthoses will fit in ANY shoe that they currently own. In fact, I tell them that they probably will NOT fit in any of their current shoes but that I will give them a list of fashionable shoes that often work well with orthoses.

Even if you send the shoe to the lab, we can only guarantee you that the orthosis will fit the shoe. We cannot guarantee that the foot will then fit into the shoe with the orthosis. It may make the shoe too tight or the patient’s heel may slip out.

The point here is to be honest and realistic with your patients regarding what they can expect from orthoses made to fit into dress shoes. They must know ahead of time that they will probably have to purchase new shoes once they get their orthoses. If the orthoses do turn out to fit some of their dress shoes then you get bonus points. If they don’t, however, they are not angry with you.

If a patient insists that they want orthoses to fit their current dress shoes I explain that we cannot guarantee they will fit their shoes.  If they then continue to insist, I refuse to make the devices.

If you are straightforward with your patients on this issue, you will find that most patients will still want orthoses for their dress shoes and will be much happier with both their orthoses and with you.


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Re: Realistic Expectations About Dress Shoe Orthoses

I'll write an upcoming blog on dress shoes that often work well with orthotics. Keep an eye out for it and then talk to your podiatrist about getting orthotics specifically for dress shoes.

By LH1000 on   7/1/2010 6:46 AM

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