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May 3

Written by: Larry Huppin, DPM
5/3/2010 3:40 PM


I was in Canada this weekend.  I learned that they play a strange game up there that has to do with ice and sticks and pucks.   Apparently, the stick is used to hit the puck which moves at great speed across the ice.   Occasionally, a foot or ankle gets in the way of the puck resulting in a fairly high incidence of foot fractures and contusions.  


I’m not a hockey fan and have never played and it’s really not a sport that is played commonly in Seattle where I practice.  So I’m not very experienced with the nuances of pedal hockey injuries.   But as I learned this weekend up at Whistler, these puck injuries are quite common.  


A new product, designed to prevent these injuries, has recently come on the market. Invented by Dr. Bruce Booth, a podiatrist in interior British Columbia, it is a carbon fiber and polypropylene shield applied to the exterior of a hockey skate which acts to deflect the puck and protect the foot and ankle.   They already have several members of the NHL using them.  


If you practice in an area where hockey is a popular sport for kids, this is a product of which you should be aware.   It’s called, appropriately enough, a ShotBlocker and you can learn about it here.    If you have more questions about ShotBlockers, Dr. Booth said he is happy to speak with any ProLab clients.  You can find his contact information at  


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