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Nov 11

Written by: Cherri Choate, DPM

We spend a great deal of time addressing issues to combat the effects of excessive pronation, but there are a large number of patients who have exess supination problems.  When attempting to address the issues associated with excess supination, such as peroneal tendonitis and inversion ankle sprains, a variety of options are available to include within an orthotic prescription.  A few of the most common options are listed below:
                                          * FF Valgus Wedge (moderate/severe)
                                          * High heel cup
                                          * Reverse Morton's Extension (mild)
                                          * Lateral skive in heel cup
                                          * No lateral bevel on rearfoot post
                                          * 0/0 rearfoot post motion
                                          * Lateral wedge along plate heel to toe (severe)
Some, but not all of these modifications, will fit into most shoes.  Of course, the balance is always between correction and shoe fit.  In addition, it would be beneficial if all of these patient's wore shoes with a deep toe box and a wide base to offer the stability needed to avoid injury and fatigue.


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