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Author: Cherri Choate, DPM Created: 6/20/2009
Orthotic therapy blog

By Cherri Choate, DPM on 8/25/2010
our shoesOptimizing the shoe/orthotic relationship for patient treatment is imperative.  With the growing technological components in the footwear industry, there are options available today that can be very beneficial to patient care.
By Cherri Choate, DPM on 8/18/2010
Arch pads are a simple modification that can be useful for certain patients.
By Cherri Choate, DPM on 8/11/2010
See full size imageThe use of metatarsal pads on orthotics has been standard practice for many years.  Infact, metatarsal pads are likley used as primary treatment alone, more frequently than they are as modifications to orthotics. In order to improve patient symptoms, there are a few details to consider that may increase success when using metatarsal pads as part of orthotic therapy.
By Cherri Choate, DPM on 8/4/2010
When converting a functional orthotic prescription to a dress orthotic prescription a few items should be kept in mind.  This blog will discuss the orthotic variables to consider in this situation to improve fit in dress shoes.
By Cherri Choate, DPM on 7/28/2010

Many practitioners develop habits of prescription writing for orthotics.  All of us have favorite, and not-so-favorite, additions to our devices.  As we treat more patients, and write more prescriptions, we tend to develop patterns. Although experience is invaluable, one pitfall that can occur is relying on the familiar.  As the process of orthotic and brace fabrication develops, new technologies, materials and device options will become available.  Compared to when I attended podiatry school, the options on any orthotic prescription form have increased by double.  The medial skive, Blake Inversion, Reverse Morton's Extension and no lateral bevel options are fairly recent additions to most prescription forms.  As the world becomes a smaller place, the options for material choice will only expand.  As more research produces evidence, the orthotic/bracing world will continue to grow and improve.

To stay f ...

By Cherri Choate, DPM on 7/21/2010

Plantar fibromas are common findings in the foot.  Although these benign soft tissue masses are often not overly painful, they are usually sensitive.  What types of accommodations can be done within an orthotic for these small masses?  I would say, there are three different ways to address plantar fibromas:
     1)  Off-load area
              This can be accomplished by either a sweet spot or a modified sweet spot.  A typical sweet spot is an indentation in the plate that is filled with a softer material such as Poron.  A modified sweet spot would be the same indentation, but it would not be filled with Poron.  If a modified sweet spot is ordered, it should be explained to the lab so they make the &q ...

By Cherri Choate, DPM on 7/14/2010

 A 68 year old patient presents with midfoot pain.  He denies any history of trauma and wants to remain active. What is his diagnosis and what type of orthotic device would improve his pain?

By Cherri Choate, DPM on 7/7/2010
Gait analysis and evaluation are skills used by both clinicians and researchers alike.  The  response of both the  Center of Mass and the Center of Pressure are important to consider when determining a patients diagosis, as well as when determining the best biomechanical treatment options.
By Cherri Choate, DPM on 6/30/2010

Bottom covers are an available, but often underutilized component of orthotic fabrication.  A few advantages and disadvantages will be discussed regarding their use.

By Cherri Choate, DPM on 6/23/2010
In today's world stories covering pediatric obesity  are read, nearly on a weekly basis, in both national and local media.  In addition to all the long term health issues related to this epidemic, studies are now being published about the impact on the lower extremity.  But now, we have two intervening issues to make our decisions even more difficult:  Childhood Sports and Obesity
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