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Author: Cherri Choate, DPM Created: 6/20/2009
Orthotic therapy blog

By Cherri Choate, DPM on 6/24/2009
On occasion we have orthoses returned after the patient has worn them for 1-2 years because the patient is complaining of pain in the arch.  One fairly common reason behind this is the purchase of new shoes.  Oftentimes patients do not recognize the symbiotic relationship between orthoses and shoes.  The new shoe has a stiffer sole, firmer upper and sometimes a foot bed that is narrower than the old shoes.  In addition, I have had many patients forget to take the stock insole out of their new shoe. so the orthosis is sitting up too high in the shoe, thus increasing arch pressure.  If new shoes are the unrealized issue, a new break in period may solve this temporary problem.
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