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Paul R. Scherer Biomechanics Fellowship

A heartfelt thanks to the many individuals and organizations who made generous donations to help establish the Paul R. Scherer Biomechanics Fellowship. It's not too late to make a donation! Click on the button below to download a donation form.

Lecture by Dr. Dianne Mitchell  -  Functional Foot Orthoses and the Diabetic Foot

Dr. Dianne Mitchell, in this video, reviews the medical literature on orthotic outcomes for diabetic patients and makes recommendations for an ideal functional foot orthotic. Based on the findings in the literature the orthotic should resist deformation, control excess pronation, and cover the largest contact surface area possible to effectively redistribute plantar pressure and help prevent foot ulcers by reducing shear forces. Other video topics in our free educational lecture series include foot pathologies, casting techniques, and writing effective prescriptions. Each video is short, concise, and only lasts between 10-15 minutes. Watch these free educational videos now!

Simulated Gait Videos

Watch these new videos simulating the gait of several of the most common foot deformities. The movement of the skeletal foot allows you to view the foot from different perspectives during the contact phase of the gait cylce. A split screen view allows you to simultaneously view normal gait and the abnormal gait.


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