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New Lecture by Dr. Larry Huppin -  Tissue Stress Theory

Are you familiar with the "Tissue Stress Theory" and how it relates to foot and ankle pathology? This video reviews the goals of orthotic therapy, includes an explanation of the tissue stress theory by Tom McPoil, and demonstrates how evidence guides the orthotic prescription. Other video topics in our free educational lecture series include foot pathologies, casting techniques, and writing effective prescriptions. Each video is short, concise, and only lasts between 10-15 minutes. Watch these free educational videos now!

Simulated Gait Videos

Watch these new videos simulating the gait of several of the most common foot deformities. The movement of the skeletal foot allows you to view the foot from different perspectives during the contact phase of the gait cylce. A split screen view allows you to simultaneously view normal gait and the abnormal gait.

Latest Article by Dr. Paul Scherer - When Heel Pain is not Plantar Fasciitis

Do you know when heel pain is not plantar fasciitis? Read this article by Dr. Paul Scherer in the September issue of Podiatry Management. Dr. Scherer provides a detailed list and explanation of alternative etiologies to heel pain.


Video - How Orthotics Should Be Made

Watch our new video! It's an insider's look at the exclusive 5-step production process ProLab follows to make 100% custom foot orthoses to your exact specifications. Journey with us through the lab and learn how ProLab combines advanced technology with handcrafted expertise to produce exceptional orthoses for better patient outcomes. Click here to receive a free copy for your office or website.

 Recent Advances in Orthotic Therapy 

Dr. Paul R. Scherer has authored a new book, Recent Advances in Orthotic Therapy. The book is an invaluable resource to improve orthotic outcomes. This well-documented text provides an evidence-based guide to orthotic prescribing in an easy-to-understand format. Foot specialists will find that this is an excellent everyday guide for practical biomechanical care of lower extremity pathologies. Each chapter includes a recommended orthotic prescription for functional orthoses for the particular pathology. Click here to order. Read More


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